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30 minutes in the Life: February 2020, donuts and more time to enjoy life.


"Thirty Minutes in the Life" will feature ladies from around the world as we capture 30 minutes in our lives as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends {and photographers}. This is a blog circle so please be sure to visit the next photographer in the circle.

This week my husband retired. After 38 years (37 and 11 months), at the same company he's coming home. Well, for a few months, and then will contract out to work some part time. We're really excited about this and decided to spend his first morning celebrating with a breakfast of donuts!

We don't get donuts very often, but a new Shipley Donuts opened up in town and we've been wanting to give it a try. It was worth it! The shop was super clean and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We may have to make a new monthly thing out of this...if we're more careful about how many we eat! Today was a celebration, though. We went all in!

They even have a book area for kids to enjoy. We're definitely bringing the grandkids back for this! All in all it was a great morning and we're looking forward to having a lot more time for treats like this.

This is a blog circle so click HERE to visit Ashley Soeder Photography's 30 minutes! She always has a beautiful post and you won't be disappointed!

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